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The FACTS of the ¼ Penny Sales Tax

Goshen Economic Development is ONE OF TWO counties in Wyoming utilizing sales tax for economic development.

  • Goshen County = .25%

  • Fremont County = .50%

Surrounding area sales tax rates:

  • Goshen County = 5.25%

  • Platte County = 6%

  • Laramie County = 6%

  • Scottsbluff, NE = 7%

  • Gering, NE = 7.5%

  • Ft. Collins, CO = 7.55%

  • Denver, CO = 8.81%

Goshen Economic Development employs four full-time employees with a total compensation package equal to 34% of our gross revenue.

Goshen Economic Development is here to help ANY business in Goshen County: Start-up or Existing

Goshen Economic Development owns Cold Springs Business Park and has not sold a lot for a profit

Goshen Economic Development owns the 21st & Main Building and the Goshen Enterprise Center both of which were refurbished utilizing grants and therefore have a timeframe that they must be kept in public hands.

Sales Tax Received $5,666, 583

Matching Grants Invested + $1,502,353

Expended To Date = $7,168,936

Progress Program is our matching grant program, $1.5M has been invested in Goshen County municipalities, businesses, and non-profits leveraging private or public funding.


  • LaGrange Walking Path

  • Yoder Water Tower Replacement

  • Lingle Community Center

  • Fort Laramie Splash Pad

  • Town Market Sign on Main Street Torrington

  • Off the Hook Meat Processing

  • ELK Eco Cycle Recycling Center

  • The 21st & Main Building

  • Gleaner’s Union on Buttermilk Road

Recruitment efforts:

Wyoming Medium Correctional Facility (~300 employees)

GreenTree Ag.


Cobblestone Hotel

Equity Staffing

Evergreen Plaza

ATEC Facility at EWC

Relocation of Bomgaars

Goshen Economic Development is and always has been 100% transparent, come in and visit with us and we will share whatever information we can with you!

Our financials are available on our website and given to each member in our Annual Report. The most recent financial information is available to the public upon request.

It is a small investment by locals to bring large impacts to our community.

Remember Goshen Economic Development brings OPPORTUNITY to Goshen County.

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