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Torrington, WY --- GreenTree Ag. has partnered with local farmers

to plant hemp in southeast Wyoming for a second year. GreenTree

is working with Ervin Gara of Goshen County to plant approximately

245 acres of fiber and grain hemp varieties, and working with Tim

Anderson of Laramie County to plant approximately 60 acres of fiber


GreenTree Ag. partnered on fiber hemp grows with both growers

last year. The crop was harvested and yielded above the national

average tonnage. “The summer of 2020 was very dry and this crop

showed it’s resiliency to drought conditions,” said Justin Loeffler,

President and CEO of the GreenTree Ag.

GreenTree Ag is a precision agriculture company headquartered in Torrington. They strive to become leaders in industrial hemp production and processing in the state and regionally. Goshen Economic Development is excited to be partnered with GreenTree Ag.


Tim Anderson standing in front of his tractor and planter in Laramie County


Justin Loeffler planting hemp on Ervin Gara’s farm in Goshen County

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