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Torrington, WY --- Goshen Economic Development utilizing ¼ cent

sales tax for economic development funds to help the Goshen

County Library update and purchase computer equipment for

Library patrons to utilize. A new router was purchased to boost

WIFI signals so that the internet can be accessed from their parking

lot, making it available 24/7. Patrons can utilize the equipment to

conduct business during the day on public computers. Goshen

County Library is an asset to our community and county, and these

purchases will benefit all users.

Goshen Economic Development – which includes Economic

Development, the Goshen County Chamber of Commerce, and

Main Street – is a non-profit organization that prioritizes the retention and expansion of local businesses. Since 1987, the organization has encouraged business growth, created jobs, and built on local community assets in five Wyoming municipalities: Fort Laramie, LaGrange, Lingle, Torrington, and Yoder.


Christine Braddy, Library Director (left) and Ellen Creagar, Library Board President (right)

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