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September 23, 2021

Goshen Economic Development and Chamber is excited to

announce the kickoff of Goshen Bucks. Goshen Bucks work

just like cash or as a gift certificate.  Goshen Bucks are

redeemable at participating Goshen County businesses as

a great way to encourage shopping locally!

Goshen Bucks are more than a gift certificate; they're an

experience! It's a day on the town. It's shopping with friends.

It's dinner and drinks. They're a way to help keep our local

economy vibrant and strong.  Goshen Bucks are available in

increments of $5, $10, and $20.  

In every rural community, there's a consistent struggle to

add jobs, retain population, and to stop retail leakage. In

Goshen County, where small business is big business, we created this innovative, community-driven effort to protect and enhance our rural community, thereby strengthening our economy, providing a better quality of life, and building on our local assets. By participating in this community-driven project, you're helping our local businesses succeed.

Beginning Friday, October 1st, Goshen Bucks will be available at our Visitors Center, located in 21st & Main.  Goshen Bucks can be used for goods, services, and more.

To purchase Bucks by cash or check, contact Sandy or Moriah at 307-532-3879x1 or visit us at 2042 Main Street.  


Additional information is available at

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