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Meet The Board of Directors

We feel very fortunate to have a dedicated Board of Directors who represent the pillars of our community. 

Executive Committee 

Scott Prusia Picture.jpg

Jeff Jones

Vice President

Scott Prusia


Alessandro Meloni

Kelly Sittner.jpg

Kelly  Sittner

Past President

Deborah Alden - Kroenmark, LLC

Wade Bruch - Pinnacle Bank

Brandi Cook - Town of Lingle

Cactus Covello - Points West Community Bank    

Joe Guth - Platte Valley Bank 

Jeff Harkins - City of Torrington                                     

Ryan Kramer - Goshen County School District       

Justin Loeffler - Green Tree Ag 

Zach Miller - Community Hospital                              

Michael Pacheco - WMCI

Steve Paisley - UW SAREC

Todd Peterson - 

Kyle Rafferty - J G Elliott

Michael Schmitt - Torrington Livestock

Kurt Sittner - TDS Environmental Services

Bob Taylor - Benchmark of Torrington

Lesley Travers - Eastern Wyoming College   
Jackie Van Mark - Century 21


How can we help you?

We’re here to communicate, collaborate, educate, and connect. Let’s get started!

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