Business Council seeks public comment on new strategy

Friday, May 03, 2019

Wyoming Business Council

Business Council seeks public comment on new strategy

As markets, trends and economic conditions change, the Wyoming Business Council adapts to ensure the agency is serving Wyoming to its fullest potential.

During the past several weeks, the Business Council has embraced a collaborative process to create a draft strategy. This strategy outlines a new direction for the Wyoming Business Council and delineates immediate next steps and initiatives for 2019. 

It emphasizes a focus on economic diversification. It sets forth a strategy for getting there by adding value to Wyoming’s core industries and leveraging them to create broad diverse growth. And it outlines specific objectives and 2019 Initiatives to get there. Take a look at that document here.


We Want to Hear What You Think!

What do you think? Is this the direction the Business Council should head? Are these are the right steps?

Get in touch with us here by May 8.


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