Wyoming – Fiscal Year 2018 Snapshot

Monday, March 18, 2019

Wyoming – Fiscal Year 2018 Snapshot

Program                                                        # of Grants                  EDA Funds
Assistance to Coal Communities                        1                          $2,258,559
Technical Assistance                                           2                          $62,615
Grand Total                                                          3                          $2,321,174

In September 2018, EDA invested $2,558,559 in Assistance to Coal Communities funds to the Sheridan Economic & Educational Development Authority (SEEDA) to fund the construction of a building for manufacturing operations for an existing local company. This larger 35,000 square foot building is needed to expand operations which will result in an additional 50 manufacturing jobs in this community. This project in Sheridan, which is part of the Powder River Basin, will support the three-county region’s effort to create job opportunities for displaced coal economy workers.
In July 2018, EDA invested $40,000 in Local Technical Assistance funds to Central Wyoming College to provide a collaborative strategy designed to help grow and diversify the agriculture sector in Fremont, Hot Springs, and Teton counties.
In October 2017, EDA invested $22,615 in Local Technical Assistance funds to the County of Niobrara to examine growth and diversification strategies for the flood-affected county of Niobrara, WY.

The eligibility attachment shows the counties which have eligibility based on per capita income, 24-month unemployment (yellow) or Opportunity Zones (blue).  In addition there are several other ways to open our “eligibility gate” described below:

  • Significant job loss or threatened job loss
  • Presidentially Declared Disaster Declaration, with nexus between project and disaster
  • Coal impacted communities/regions

If there are any potential projects which have job creation/retention and/or private investment as the outcome, definitely contact me to see if we can’t partner in some fashion to leverage local resources.


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