Thursday, October 04, 2018


Cheyenne, WY --- Goshen County Economic Development together with the Goshen Care Center Joint Powers Board presented a $3M grant request to the State Land Investment Board in Cheyenne and was awarded the request. GCEDC wrote a $3M Wyoming Business Council Business Ready Community grant for the Joint Powers Board to complete the $7M, 23,980 square-foot, 30-unit assisted living facility. The Evergreen Plaza Assisted Living project will be constructed on the 3-acre site which the City of Torrington redeveloped and donated to the Joint Powers Board. The Joint Powers Board will own and lease to Welcov Healthcare to operate which currently operates the Goshen Care Center and Evergreen Court Living Center. The project will meet the demand for the assisted living needs as identified in market studies done in 2012 and 2018 and will keep more taxpayers in the community that otherwise seek services in Nebraska and outside Goshen County borders.

“Healthcare is the largest employer and fastest growing economic sector in Goshen County and this project will expand the level of care for seniors and promote continuum of care with in Goshen County,” said GCEDC CEO Ashley Harpstreith. Harpstreith noted this facility will provide an additional 15.39 jobs and support the population of 37 residents; savings of $64,834 per person in Medicaid; local tax revenues of $325,701 in property and sales tax to the local community; $3.8M in Capital investment.

“The community will be workforce ready for the addition of these jobs,” said Harpstreith. “Career pathways are aligned with Goshen County School District and Eastern Wyoming College for career advancement. The gateway position of CNA will provide a pathway for wage and benefits and uplift the pay in the community. Eastern Wyoming College is bringing additional courses to Torrington campus for CNA Med Pass all the way to an ADN program,” Harpstreith said.

“We are thrilled about this collaborative project. It is great to live in a place that everyone has worked together for one common goal,” said Paul Novak, President of the Goshen Care Center Joint Powers Board. “We are lucky to have partners like Goshen County Economic Development, Goshen County, City of Torrington and Welcov”.

Welcov Healthcare, based out of Edina, Minnesota is one of the nation’s leading providers of senior care with operations in skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living communities, along with home health agencies throughout Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wyoming. Welcov provides progressive healthcare and specialized services in the communities served. Welcov’s mission is to exceed customer expectations through genuine quality care, innovative services and positive operational outcomes.

Heidi Elliott, Vice President of Operations for Welcov states that “Welcov is very excited and committed to the ongoing success of the Goshen healthcare community. We will continue to promote the Goshen healthcare facilities as the provider and employer of choice for senior care.    This expansion and innovation will not only fill the need for an assisted living facility for aging seniors, it will also lead to job creation and career opportunities.  Welcov has a robust employee benefit program which supports employees desire to seek certification and licensure for certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses.  Our employee loan repayment and tuition reimbursement programs help to support our valued employees.  Welcov is committed to making this vision become a reality.”

“We have to take care of the companies that are invested in Wyoming. This is a perfect collaboration of a public-private partnership,” said GCEDC CEO Harpstreith. “Our community has stepped up, the business has stepped up, our state finds the value in the infrastructure of this project, our local banks are committed to finish the financing of this project and we will have more jobs and better care for our residents who so desperately want to stay in our County,” Harpstreith said.

For more information about this project or the strategic plan of Goshen County Economic Development Corporation, please contact Ashley Harpstreith 307-532-5162 or ashley@goshenwyo.com.

Currently, Goshen County is the only County to have the ¼ cent economic development sales tax that assists in projects like this one. Goshen County Economic Development Corporation is a non-profit organization created in 1987 to encourage business growth and build on local community assets.  GCEDC’s mission is to cultivate boundless opportunity for business and community. The organization encompasses all economic development, Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, Visitor Center and tourism activities on the behalf of Goshen County.  




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