Goshen, Niobrara and Platte Counties launch Next Gen Sector Partnership

Monday, September 17, 2018

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For release Sept. 17, 2018

Goshen, Niobrara and Platte Counties launch Next Gen Sector Partnership

Health care industry leaders in Goshen, Niobrara and Platte counties are paving the way for growth opportunities, and by doing so, they are helping create a blueprint for success for other industries in the rest of the state.

Representatives from health care companies in the three counties came together Monday, Sept. 10, to identify the opportunities and actions needed to promote the growth of the sector. In addition, community partners from workforce development, education and economic development sectors attended as observers, all as a part of one of the first launches of the Next Generation Partnership.

The participants identified several opportunities for growth, including:

  • Growing markets, including an overall increase in the need for health care services from population and economic growth, as well as specific drivers of new health care demand (such as healthy aging, youth, reduced stigma in rural communities to counseling, mental health wellness and proactive patients).
  • New services and technologies, including prevention services/screenings and integrative medicine, as well as new applications in networking and IT, patient portals, use of social media and telehealth.
  • Public and private policy impacts, including state licensing standards and insurance billing practices.
  • Attractiveness of industry for advancement, specifically excellent and diverse growth opportunities for careers in health care without having to leave the region.

The participants then identified the most important requirements to capitalize on these opportunities. Their priorities grouped into three major areas for action – specialty talent; patient marketing and education; and care coordination.

The specialty talent area focuses on the need for more providers in key specialties across the region’s health care industry. The initial list of target specialties is: specialty nurses; doctors; physical therapists and behavioral health workers. To achieve these goals, participants said the industry would need to recruit specialty talent from outside the region; expand continuing education in specialty areas for local residents; and to fill the talent pipeline by exposing youth to specialty health care careers through summer internships, job shadowing and the like.

Patient marketing and education targets the region’s residents, promoting the benefits of using local health care services instead of those outside the region. This would involve a creative, collaborative approach to targeting patient populations with information about the region’s collective health care assets, emphasizing quality of care and diversity of choices in “staying home” for health care services.

Care coordination will focus on increasing accessibility and use of local health care services through better care coordination, achieved through more systematic referrals, purposeful care team-building, targeted stakeholder engagement and strategic insurance provider collaboration.

For each area, businesses volunteered to be “champions,” to identify both outcomes and actions to move the priorities forward.

The Next Generation Partnership is all about action, and in order to be successful, it must be driven by industry champions. The next step is for champions to participate in conference calls to further develop desired outcomes, measures of success, and actions. These draft outcomes and actions will be discussed and refined at the next sector partnership meeting in October.

For more information, visit nextgensectorpartnerships.com.


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