Health Thyme: Supporting Natural Wellness in Torrington

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Nona Kindsvater has always had a passion for natural living. Her personal journey of recovery from a debilitating illness that doctors were unable to diagnose led her to seek solutions outside the confines of conventional medicine.

Naturopathic medicine provided the answers, relief and eventual wellness that Kindsvater was looking for. The field places an emphasis on prevention as well as therapeutic treatments that encourage the self-healing process.

Armed with a degree in complementary and alternative medicine from the American College of Healthcare Sciences and more than three decades of experience in the field, Kindsvater is now sharing what she learned with others through her business, Health Thyme, located in Torrington.

The practice specializes in individualized care from birth to end-of-life and addressing complex health issues, such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases and cancer. "Using science-based, results-driven, non-invasive individualized natural whole-health care approaches, Health Thyme discovers and identifies the underlying root cause of dis-ease with the goal to eliminate it and restore health,” says Kinsvater.

In contrast to a traditional doctor’s appointment, where patients are rushed in and out, Kindsvater spends a great deal of time talking to her clients in order to identify the root causes of their health problems.

“I want to hear what’s not being said. To see what’s really going on. It’s about putting my clients’ health as a priority rather than the dollar,” she says.

Kindsvater notes that her process includes extensive testing and is grounded in science. “This is a scientific process, it’s not just touchy feely,” she says. “It’s looking at the pathophysiology or structure of disease.”

She works with the medical community and has open communication with physicians to ensure the highest level of patient care. Often her methods — which include herbal tinctures, clinical aromatherapy and holistic nutrition — can complement conventional treatments.

Naturopathic practices can help diminish the negative side effects of radiation and chemotherapy in cancer patients, for example, including the prevention of hair loss. They can also help mitigate the need for pharmaceuticals and invasive treatments like surgery.

Kindsvater notes that natural wellness treatments don’t provide a quick fix. It requires more from people — and from her — in terms of time and interaction. “Healing takes time. Healing is a process. It requires effort,” she says.

Health Thyme’s programs are tailored to each individual and are solution and results oriented. Clients report an impressive 98 percent satisfaction rate with the program as well as 99 percent satisfaction with their results.

“I want people to understand they don’t have to be hopeless just because a doctor hasn’t figured out what’s happening to them,” says Kindsvater. “This puts the power of health back in their hands. It is life changing for them.”

Health Thyme doesn’t advertise. Referrals from people who have experienced real results have been the best way of attracting new clients. Kindsvater says that each client typically generates a minimum of five additional clients for Health Thyme.

“It’s humbling to be able to take someone who’s miserable and give them hope and results. After 30 days, the average response is ‘I haven’t felt this good in 20 years,’” she says.

Kindsvater was approached by Goshen County Economic Development Corporation (GCEDC) when looking at office space and the availability of business assistance. She notes that Health Thyme would not be where it is today without GCEDC.

“I was having second thoughts about whether Torrington was big enough. Taking the first step of opening the business in a small community was scary,” she says. “I’ve run businesses my whole life, that wasn’t what scared me, it was whether or not the community would embrace this. They have.”

Health Thyme is housed in the GCEDC business incubator. The business has received office space as well as business contacts, valuable advice and funding for expansion. “GCEDC has been key in the success of my business,” says Kindsvater. “Any time we have a project, they’re right there supporting and promoting it.”


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