Kelley Integrity Safety Solutions

"GCEDC has been instrumental in helping our company grow in an area that will eventually allow us to reach a much broader market. Without all of the help, encouragement, and resources that GCEDC has provided over the last 12 months, it would be impossible for us to even realize our potential. The Business Incubator Program has provided us with more resources than we can utilize. Thank each and every one of you for your help and for all you've done and continue to do."

Patrick Kelley - Kelley Integrity Safety Solutions


Wendy George Therapy

"The spring of 2016 I walked into Goshen County Economic Development and my experience was truly remarkable. There was an air of excitement and encouragement and the space was amazing. I now have a beautiful office in the Goshen Enterprise Center Incubator. The team was wonderful and was full of ideas and energy to help me get my business off the ground. This has been a great year for me and my business is growing. I am excited about my future; their marketing and website expertise is invaluable. I encourage anyone who wants to start a business to contact GCEDC, they are the most amazing group of people and I am delighted and proud to be a part of the GCEDC and this community."

Wendy George - Wendy George Therapy


Health Thyme

"Without GCEDC, Health Thyme would not have grown by 700% over the last 6 months. They provided 24 hours access to affordable office space that included all the expensive extras like internet service. Now clients come to me which allows 10 times more clients daily. Some of their services are intangible. Ears to hear ideas, eyes to critique marketing platforms and ideas, resource synergies and statewide connections, feedback, not to mention my biggest cheerleaders. They have become clients themselves and a huge source of referrals. Each person at GCEDC from the Board of directors to staff are dedicated to developing, promoting, supporting, stabilizing, and propelling small businesses in Goshen County to succeed, prosper and create new enterprises. They truly are the backbone of Open Opportunity."

Nona K - Health Thyme


Visionary Communications

"Visionary Communications was approached by the Goshen County Economic Development Corp. while at the Governor's Broadband Summit in November of 2015. Ashley Harpstreith conveyed to Visionary that the county was in need of higher speed broadband internet and GCEDC was willing to facilitate a meeting with the local business owners to discuss their needs for internet services. The GCEDC set up the meeting and it was very informative. The information the GCEDC and local business owners gave to Visionary was the springboard on building higher speed broadband internet in the area.

GCEDC has been very responsive and helpful in every way and have been a pleasure to work with."

Greg Worthen - Outside Plant Manager, Visionary Communications


Advanced Communications Technology (ACT)

"Advanced Communications Technology (ACT) has had an opportunity to work with many of the State's local economic development groups. While they all work hard for their communities, Goshen County Economic Development Corporation stands out as one of the best. Often times it is easy to forget that existing businesses make up the foundation of our rural communities, though this is not the case for Ashley and her staff. Their local focus on economic development considers the tools needed in today's business environment, promoting sustainability and growth for existing businesses, as well as development of the tools needed for future growth.

Success in economic development is too often defined by the big win or the homerun, while real success stories for a community like Torrington go unnoticed. Significant broadband connectivity in Southeast Wyoming has been a challenge for several years, but due to the persistence and principles held by the Goshen County Economic Development Corporation, I believe a solution is near. Efforts to bring the services that many in our State take for granted will put Torrington and the surrounding area on the map and allow current and future businesses the opportunity to not only survive, but grow in today's world economy. Addressing challenges such as this define Goshen County Economic Development's commitment to promoting the future success of their communities."

Aaron Sopko - General Manager, ACT


Wyoming Department of Workforce Services

"The Department of Workforce Services is truly blessed to have such a wonderful partnership with Goshen County Economic Development Corporation. What a wonderful team Ashley has. Their hearts are truly in it for Goshen County and our wonderful state of Wyoming. We look forward to another prosperous year with GCEDC!!"

Gilbert Servantez - Workforce Center Manager, Wyoming Department of Workforce Services


Renova Energy, Wyoming Ethanol

"Working with Goshen County Economic Development Corporation has been a great experience. Ashley and her colleagues provided unconditional support in our effort to find and facilitate a buyer for our business facility in Goshen County. They solicited and helped develop prospective purchasers, helped evaluate those purchasers, asked tough but fair questions, and helped provide and coordinate access to local community leaders and government decision makers. Follow up and attention to details, while respecting our business game plan concerns, was excellent. GCEDC is committed to helping create and preserve jobs, and maintain and improve opportunities in the area. GCEDC was a great organization to work with in a difficult situation."

Michael Kayman - Renova Energy, Wyoming Ethanol



"I have served on the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development boards in Scottsbluff, so I have some experience with economic development and the importance of promoting businesses within our communities. Ashley and the staff at Goshen County Economic Development Corporation have been great to work with and are doing a fantastic job of promoting economic development in the region."

Matt Larsen - VISTABEAM


Compass Farms

"The efficiency and organizational skills of the Goshen County Economic Development Corporation have been remarkable. Further, we appreciate the enthusiasm shown for our business and the warm hospitality felt with each visit and phone call. We look forward to continued cooperation and support."

Kristen Brackett - Compass Farms


Western Sugar Corporation

"It has been great working with Ashley and all the board members that took time to come and tour our factory. They all are proactive in the future of Western Sugar in Goshen County. They have been very supportive of the plan to convert the factory to a bulk sugar terminal with packaging capabilities that will save 20 jobs. We are working with Ashley about running new gas lines to the new industrial park for future business to locate there. I look forward to working with Ashley in the future."

Tom Briggs - Factory Manager, Western Sugar Corporation