Goshen County Lodging Tax Board

The Goshen County Tourism Promotion Joint Powers Board, also known as the Goshen County Lodging Tax Board, is charged with promoting local travel and tourism.  The lodging tax board implements the proposition approved by the voters of Goshen County to impose county sales and use tax on lodging services for travel and tourism promotion. 

The lodging tax board is comprised of 9 members.  One member is a representative from the Wyoming Travel & Industry Coalition, Goshen County appoints three members, and each municipality appoints one member. 

Chair: Johanna Abernathy 

Vice Chair: Marisa Johnson 

Treasurer: Lynn Schukei 

Secretary: Mark Munoz

Tom Baker 

Jennifer Lanier 

John Pannunzio 

Sarah Chaires 

Chris Brown

There are two application deadlines per year, March 1 and November 1.  

Lodging Tax Board meetings are held every month, 5 pm at 21st & Main, Torrington.