About Us

Since 1987, the Goshen County Economic Development Corporation has been working to create jobs and empower entrepreneurs.

Our nonprofit mission is “Cultivating boundless opportunity for business and community.”

Citizens and leaders of Goshen County are forward-thinking and supportive of our business development goals — our county was the first in Wyoming to approve a sales tax for economic development.

GCEDC’s work boosts the local economy, whether it’s by nourishing existing businesses toward success and growth or attracting new investments.

GCEDC Board of Directors


Executive Team

President -Bob Taylor, Benchmark of Torrington

Vice President - Kelly Sittner, First State Bank 

Secretary/Treasurer - Scott Prusia, Cowboy Ag Finance

Wally Wolski - Past President

Board Members

Bill Baker - Eighty Eight Oil                                                     John Patrick - Patrick Brothers Inc.                                         

Molly Childs - Banner Health                                                  Todd Peterson - Pinnacle Bank                                           

Jean Chrostoski - Goshen County School District                 Scott Prusia - Cowboy Ag Finance          

Joe Guth - Platte Valley Bank                                                 Jamie Schaneman - US Bank                                  

Jeff Harkins - City of Torrington                                              Michael Schmitt - Torrington Livestock                                        

Rick Hoppal - Torrington Office Supply                                  George Siglin - Town of Lingle                                   

Jeff Jones - Great Gardens                                                     Kelly Sittner - First State Bank                                                 

Kenda Knudsen - Wyrulec                                                       John Tanaka - UW SAREC                                 

Zach Miller - Community Hospital                                           Bob Taylor - Benchmark                                      

Curtis Moffat - WMCI                                                               Lesley Travers - Eastern Wyoming College                           

Colby Ochsner - J & J Ochsner Livestock                               Wally Wolski - Goshen County Commissioner

Carol Oliver - Points West Community Bank



Goshen County Economic Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization, created in 1987 to create jobs, encourage business growth, and build on local community assets. GCEDC enjoys strong support from local business and industry, city and county government, and the citizens of Goshen County that were the first in Wyoming to approve a county sales tax for economic development.


The fundamental purpose of Goshen County Economic Development Corporation is to encourage job growth from primary employers that attract investment from outside the county to inject new dollars into the local economy.

The success of existing businesses is a top priority for Goshen County Economic Development Corporation.