Progress Program



With the renewal of the optional quarter-cent sales tax for economic development in 2010, the GCEDC board of directors launched a new program to aid local businesses, communities and organizations.

The goals of the Progress Program are to help businesses succeed by making their properties more attractive to their customers, and to make communities more attractive to potential new businesses, employees, residents and visitors.

Goshen County Economic Development Corporation strives to maintain accountability and transparency of the use of the 1/4 cent economic development sales tax funds.

Collected funds are used for the Progress Programs; Community Enhancement, Capital Matching, and Infrastructure Investment Fund. Started in 2011, the overall goal of the Progress Program is to help businesses succeed by making their properties more attractive to their customers, and make communities more attractive to potential new businesses, employees, residents and visitors. Since it's inception over $1.1M has assisted 161 organizations, municipalities and businesses.

Applications are reviewed quarterly and awards made within 45 days of the due date. Applications and supporting materials must be received by noon on the following due dates:

January 24, 2020
April 24, 2020
July 24, 2020
October 23, 2020



Progress Program - Emergency Assistance Grant 

Funded by the 1/4 cent sales tax for Economic Development

The Progress Program Emergency Assistance Grant is intended to utilize sales tax proceeds to help support retail businesses directly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency Assistance Grant


Instructions to complete grant application

1. download the editable PDF grant application to your computer

2. save file with your name

3. type in ALL information in the blue editable text boxes

(signatures will be requested when you pick up your check)

4. when application is completed, save again

5. email completed PDF grant application as an attachment to

I will not be in the office until further notice, If you need assistance or have questions I can

be reached on my cell phone at 307-575-3285.

Sondra Dent

Goshen County Economic Development

Marketing Director



For Business:

Capital Matching Fund - This program is intended to take small steps to make Goshen County a better place by helping new and existing businesses to succeed, make their property more attractive for their customers, and to make the community more attractive to potential new businesses, employees, residents and visitors. 


For Communities/Organizations:

Community Enhancement Fund - This fund is designed to assist communities and nonprofit organizations working to create, improve and strengthen the quality of life by promoting and enhancing job development through cultural, historical, recreational, education, health/fitness and social/ethnic activities in Goshen County.


For Municipalities:

Infrastructure Enhancement Fund - Understanding the importance of quality and up-to-date infrastructure for the economic health and well-being of all Goshen County communities the Goshen County Economic Development Corporation (GCEDC) Board of Directors have set aside proceeds for an Infrastructure Investment Fund. Utilizing economic Development 1/4 cent sales tax funds the Infrastructure Investment Fund will be made available in the form of grants. These funds are designated to provide funding for publicly owned infrastructure that serves the needs of businesses and communities. All municipalities located in Goshen County are eligible to apply for funding. Applicants will need to state how the project will benefit the community, businesses or aid in future business development.

Applications require Adobe PDF Reader - Download here    

For more information contact:

Sondra Dent, Marketing Director