Progress Program

With the renewal of the optional quarter-cent sales tax for economic development in 2010, the GCEDC board of directors launched a new program to aid local businesses, communities and organizations.

The goals of the Progress Program are to help businesses succeed by making their properties more attractive to their customers, and to make communities more attractive to potential new businesses, employees, residents and visitors.

GCEDC has budgeted $180,000 for the 2014 fiscal year and will invest 80 percent of the Progress Program in business development and 20 percent in community enhancements. The board will strive to invest in projects throughout Goshen County. Projects that lead to job creation will be the most competitive.

Applications will be accepted quarterly and awards made within 45 days of the due date.  There will be a $25 application fee for all non-members of GCEDC.  If awarded funding, your organization or business will receive a 1-year membership with GCEDC.  If funding is not awarded, your application fee will be returned.


For Business:

Capital Matching Fund - This program is intended to take small steps to make Goshen County a better place by helping new and existing businesses to succeed, make their property more attractive for their customers, and to make the community more attractive to potential new businesses, employees, residents and visitors. This fund will match the investment in commercial and industry property on a 1:1 basis. The Progress Program will invest a maximum of $10,000 per project.


For Communities/Organizations:

Community Enhancement Fund - This fund is designed to assist communities and nonprofit organizations working to create, improve and strengthen the quality of life by promoting and enhancing job development through cultural, historical, recreational, education, health/fitness and social/ethnic activities in Goshen County.